Please be advised that we temporarily do not ship parcels to the UK & Ireland

Please be advised that we temporarily do not ship parcels to the UK and Ireland.

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Baby 0-2 years

We design and create collections for children, offering complete outfits for every occasion! We pay a great attention to quality and unique design which corresponds with the modern trends in children fashion. Our priority is to create aesthetic clothes, which guarantee comfort of wearing on daily basis, not only once in a blue moon!

We offer fashionable clothes, underwear, footwear and accessories. Each season we create about 26 unique collections dedicated to babies and children.

Our clothes are manufactured in accordance with European Commission directives, the PN-EN 14682 safety standard. We have also obtained certificate of the Textile Research Institute in Łódź "Safe for infants" as well as Eco5 Certificate. The materials we use are free of heavy metals presence.



Children dress up willingly when clothes are easy to put on and when they do not restrict their movements. Our collections are designed to provide comfort for both infants and their parents. Practical snaps and reliable naps make putting clothes on and taking them off very easy. We use the advantages of fabrics with a smooth interlock structure - very pleasant for the child's skin. Such fabrics are flexible, do not deform after washing and return to their original shape. If you want to change your child’s clothes quickly, you'll also love our bestseller – „envelope” body.
When designing clothes we carefully plan every detail. The form of our clothes fits perfectly the body shape and movements of the babies. Clothes have larger sleeve holes to fit in naturally
clenched small fists. Elastic fabrics does not restrict their movements, especially at an early stage of life, when legs are often curled up. We also do not forget about the extra space for the diaper.

A wide selection of Coccodrillo underwear is our answer to the diverse needs of infants and their parents. Check out ours:  babygro, rompers, half-rompers, envelope body models  and body models fastened on the shoulder.


Pleasant to the touch underwear is the basis of first clothes set for newborns. Our clothes are made of 100% pure high quality cotton, thanks to which they are extremely soft and delicate.
Let your baby explore the world and make out dressing up fun for the infants. Applications on our clothes and accessories are completely safe - they do not cause abrasions and can’t be torn off by babies. Skin-friendly prints do not cause allergies.

The secret of Coccodrillo clothes gentleness and safety is the highest quality cotton. We know well and control strictly the entire production process, thanks to which clothes and accessories are safe and extremely delicate.


We care for the youngest since 2002, ensuring the highest standards of clothes production made of carefully selected fabrics. We design our collections with attention to every single detail. Over these years we have developed PREMIUM QUALITY BY COCCODRILLO, gaining appreciation in Poland and abroad.

PREMIUM QUALITY standard requires from us carrying out numerous tests. We carefully examine seams twisting and fabric shrinkage to provide the longest possible clothes durability.
Thanks to it, even after many washes, our clothes look great and keep their shape. Soft seams stay in place and the size of the item remains unchanged.



Coccodrillo children’s world is full of colors and patterns! We make sure that every item we make comply with our high standards and meets the requirements and needs of our clients. Before our clothes are delivered to children, we must be certain that they have been perfectly sewn and carefully finished.


Check how the highest quality cotton is being made!


We carefully select and comb the fibers.


We subject the longest and smooth fibers to natural
refinement processes in order to make them soft
and even more fluffy.


We verify thickness, shape, length,
resilience and elasticity of fibers.


We obtain cotton with much better

properties than the one that is commonly used

 in the textile industry.

KIDS ARE KIDS - they like colorful and comfortable clothes! Don't wait, get inspired by us and choose your favorite collections!


Meet our friends: Lemon Explore and Broel - new brands in our e-shop!

Lemon Explore - comfortable clothes designed for little explorers for any weather conditions. The brand makes discovering the world easier for children and supports their natural activity. Dedicated to children who are constantly looking for adventures and are in constant motion.

Lemon Explore creates clothes and footwear:

  • which do not restrict movements,
  • without inconvenient labels and seams - the design is adapted to child's anatomy and comfortable for their body.
  • easy to put on and take off which supports child's independence.

Broel is a Polish premium brand that has been offering high-quality children caps and hats for over 20 years. The brand is valued for refined, comfortable and carefully finished designs. Each season more than a hundred original models are created. Collections are designed in line with the latest children fashion trends and sewn exclusively in Poland from selected fabrics.